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APRIL 2000

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Henrietta's Dance
Rebecca Skloot is a freelance science and medical writer, based in Pittsburgh, and the former assistant editor of PittMed, the magazine of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. "Henrietta's Dance" is adapted from her current book-in-progress.

Mental Illness's Public Enemy #1
Marjorie Centofanti (MA'95) is a senior media relations representative for the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and an occasional contributor to Johns Hopkins Magazine. Her most recent article on advances in stroke treatment, "Brain Attack," appeared in the November 1997 issue of the Magazine.

When Doctor Met Activist
Ann Finkbeiner, an associate professor in The Writing Seminars, is a freelance science writer whose work appears frequently in Science, The Sciences, Sky & Telescope, and the New York Times Book Review. She is the author of the book After the Death of a Child, and co-author with Hopkins's John Bartlett of The Guide to Living with HIV Infection, now in its fourth edition.

The Magic Bullet Keeps on Delivering
Lavinia Edmunds was a senior writer for Johns Hopkins Magazine from 1988 to 1990. Her first article on Hopkins's Alfred Sommer and his work with vitamin A ("The Magic Bullet") appeared in the August 1989 issue. Edmunds joined the Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies this past fall as director of communications.

Making Drinking Water Safe for the World
Brian Simpson (MA'97) is a freelance writer and editor in Baltimore who has filed stories from Cuba, India, the Czech Republic, and other countries. His photos, taken in China, appeared in the Magazine's September 1999 story on the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, "'C' is for Capitalist." Simpson earned his MA in poetry from The Writing Seminars.

A Legacy of Engagement
Lew Diuguid (SAIS '63) worked on the foreign desk at The Washington Post for 35 years before retiring three years ago. He was the Post's correspondent in South America from 1970 to 1973, and he reported extensively from the Caribbean and Central America throughout his tenure. As a classmate of Madeleine Albright's at Hopkins's Nitze School of International Studies (SAIS), he seemed a particularly apt choice to profile her.

The Voice That Couldn't Be Silenced
Rhonda (Watts) Mullen served on the staff of Johns Hopkins Magazine from 1985 to 1988, in positions ranging from editorial assistant to associate editor. Today she is the associate director of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center's Publications Office at Emory University in Atlanta.

The Six Who Built Hopkins
Neil Grauer '69, the creator of the Hopkins Blue Jay, is a Baltimore writer and longtime contributor to Johns Hopkins Magazine. He is currently the media relations representative for the School of Professional Studies in Business and Education.

Thwarting Cancer Before It Strikes
Baltimore freelancer Elaine Weiss formerly served as an editor for Warfield's magazine. She is a frequent contributor to the Hopkins Medical News.

On Pursuing Every Curiosity
The founding editor of Education Week and Teacher Magazine, Ron Wolk also served as assistant director of the Carnegie Commission on the Future of Higher Education and as a vice president at Brown University. He is currently a consultant for Education and Media Relations, living in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Taking the Heat
After leaving Johns Hopkins Magazine in 1971, Bob Armbruster teamed up with Magazine designer Gerard Valerio to form EditaGraphics, a publications firm serving higher education clients. He later edited East-West Perspectives in Honolulu. He lives today in Florida, where he is active in community theater; his first one-act play was recently produced in Tampa.

More Contributors to the April Issue

Illustrator Polly Becker ("Making the Case for Better Gun Safety") is based in Boston. She can be reached by calling 617/426-8284.
Photographer Bill Denison, whose work appears in "Henrietta's Dance," is a longtime contributor to Johns Hopkins Magazine. He can be reached by calling 410/823-0001.
Photographer Chris Hartlove ("Getting a Charge Out of Plastics") lives and works in Baltimore.
Illustrator Martin Jarrie is based in France and can be contacted through the Marlena Agency in Princeton, NJ, at 609/252-9405.
Illustrator Bruno Paciulli ("First Cuts") lives in Baltimore. He can be reached at 410/377.7714.
Photoillustrator Craig Terkowitz ("Finding the Power") lives and works in Baltimore. Contact him via e-mail at
Photographer Jay Van Rensselaer (Editor's Note photo) directs the Homewood Photo Lab. He can be reached at 410/516-5332.
Photographer Keith Weller ("The Heart of the Matter") lives in Columbia, Maryland. He can be reached by calling 410/381-2400.
Illustrator James Yang ("Where Mind Meets Brain" and "Assisting Me Today in Surgery...") is based in New York.