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Tales from the Crust
By Melissa Hendricks
Grab a pickax and join the fossil hunt in Meridian, Mississippi, where paleontologist Christopher Beard (PhD '90) is putting forth provocative ideas about how--and where--primates evolved.

Winter Escapes
By Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson
Side together, tap, step, triple step... January's Intersession courses offer a welcome chance for students to relax and "dabble," in classes ranging from origami to West Coast swing.

In the Neighborhood
By Emily Carlson (MA '01)
For Korean Americans living in the Baltimore community and beyond, the barriers to healthcare are many. Nursing's Miyong Kim has made it her mission to provide solutions.

Historic Obligations
By Dale Keiger
Civil war historian James McPherson (PhD '63) dignifies the dead soldiers of 140 years ago, and the reading public as well. "I do try to write for both the learned and the un-learned," he says.

Star Light, Star Bright, First One Million Galaxies I See Tonight...
By Geoff Brumfiel (MA '01)
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey will answer questions about the very origins of our universe--and forever change the way astronomy is done.

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Johns Hopkins Magazine, April 2001

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