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A complex act of simplification

Artist Les Harris (MLA '72) has devoted more than 25 years to assembling his maze-like exhibit of creative work that encompasses the entire history of art. Photographer Stephen Spartana had just a single afternoon to shoot it ("The Labyrinthine World of Les Harris"). The task was a daunting one, to put it mildly, says Spartana, a frequent contributor to Johns Hopkins Magazine. "As a photographer, you want to try to keep things simple for your viewers, so they aren't overwhelmed. I'm not sure I've accomplished the act of simplifying." Spartana says, chuckling. "I'm not sure you can."

Valued connections, from abroad

Cover illustrator Paul Cox lives and works in Sussex, England, in a 300-year-old house with a studio overlooking his garden on the coast near Brighton. While he has a strong client base in Great Britain (he has designed stamps for the Royal Mail), he particularly prizes his American connections. "I think the way in which illustration is valued in the States is really heartening," says Cox, who has never set foot in Baltimore (he worked from photos to create the Mount Vernon Place tableau). His work has appeared in the New Yorker, Town & Country, Traditional Home, and The Wall Street Journal. --SD

Photographer Mike Ciesielski ("Youthful Lessons") lives and works in Baltimore. Phone him at 410-235-8274.
Photographer John Davis ("The Big Question") is based in Baltimore. Contact him by calling 410-241-2767.
Photographer Bill Denison ("Subverting Sperm and Germs") lives and works in Baltimore. Phone him at 410-823-0001.
Illustrator Wesley Bedrosian (Wholly Hopkins: Lessons in Healing Connections) lives in New York City. To view his work and for contact information, visit
Tamara Hoffer (Wholly Hopkins: Vignette and Wholly Hopkins: Forming an Emergency Response) is a Baltimore-based freelance photographer specializing in corporate and editorial portraiture. She can be reached at 410-383-2826, or by e-mail at
Louis Galambos ("Cool-Headed Ike") is a professor of history at Johns Hopkins University.
Christopher Myers (Wholly Hopkins: Building a Better Neighborhood) is a Baltimore-based photographer. To see more of his fine art images, go to
Michael Purdy ("Subverting Sperm and Germs") is a Baltimore science writer. Contact him via e-mail at
Steve Spartana, who photographed "The Labyrinthine World of Les Harris," lives and works in Sparks, Maryland. Visit him on the net at or send e-mail to
You can reach British cover artist Paul Cox through his U.S. representative, Richard Solomon, who is based in New York 212-223-9545.
Illustrator Charles Beyl (Alumni section: "The New Science of Deep Space Medicine") works in Mountville, Pennsylvania. Visit him on the net at or send e-mail to:
Illustrator Gilbert Ford (Essay, "King of Cool") lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Contact him by phone at 347-452-4098 or visit him on the net at
Will Kirk (Wholly Hopkins: Novice Filmmakers Make Big Debut) is a photographer for Homewood Photographic Services. He received his bachelor's degree in English from Johns Hopkins University in 1999. E-mail him at
Photographer Mark Lee "Your Other Life" is based in Baltimore. Contact him by calling 410-663-3479.
Photographer Jay Van Rensselaer (Wholly Hopkins: Weiss Named New Dean of Arts and Sciences) directs the Homewood Photos Labs. Call him at 410-516-5332.

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