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Aquaporin Adventure

When senior writer Maria Blackburn first interviewed Nobel winner Peter Agre for "Good Chemistry," she was worried that he'd be burned out from all the media attention. But Agre, who won the prize for discovering water channels, or aquaporins, was more than up for it. "He was a great interview," she says, "and a really interesting guy — funny, effusive, irreverant, smart." And she experienced first-hand what many of her sources would eventually tell her — that Agre is a down-to-earth and pleasant man. Says Blackburn: "He wants you to call him Peter, not Dr. Agre. He doesn't mind dumb questions. He's enthusiastic and energetic and idealistic and a lot of fun to talk to. I'm looking for excuses to interview him again." — CP

Stickler for Details

Photographer Michael Ciesielski has been in violin shops before, but prior to photographing Raymond Hardy for "Crafting Sound," he had never seen a violin maker at work. After spending time with Hardy in his Catonsville, Maryland, workshop, Ciesielski was impressed by the time and effort it takes to carve and shape a violin and the small tools used. "Everything is very painstaking — tiny, tiny things happen, each one at a time," he says. Ciesielski photographed neurologist and clarinetist Dan Drachman for February's issue. His work is regularly featured in the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's Overture program. — MB

Photographer Thomas Arledge (Wholly Hopkins: "A Capital Experience") lives in Bethesda. Contact him at 301-320-0330.
Kristi Birch (Wholly Hopkins: "Vignette") is a writer at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She can be reached at [email protected].
Photographer Mike Ciesielski ("Crafting Sound") is based in Baltimore. Call him at 410-253-8274.
Photographer John Dean (Wholly Hopkins: "Vignette" and "Just Like Old Times") is based in Baltimore. You can reach him through his Web site,, or at 410-243-8357.
Chris Hartlove ("Your Other Life") is a Baltimore-based photographer. To view his work and for contact information, visit

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