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When Work is a Pleasure
If she'd known then what she knows now...

Little did Kristi Birch know, when she was a copyeditor for Cancer Research in the early 1990s, the impact that genetic research would have on cancer treatment a decade later. "It was mostly proofreading, and back then all I knew was whether to italicize 'p53 gene,'" says Birch, today a staff writer at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Birch's story ( "Detecting a Cure") took her into the labs of Hopkins Medicine's top oncologists. "You could hear in their voices how excited they are about the work they're doing and how it can make a difference in a real person's life," Birch says. "Talk about cheating death!"

Fun with zucchini

Parents of small children may well recognize the work of cover artist Dan Yaccarino: He's written and illustrated more than 30 award-winning children's books (including Good Night, Mr. Night, the Blast Off Boy, and the Blorp series) and is the creator of the popular animated television series Oswald, which appears on Nickelodeon. His commercial illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Time magazine. Yaccarino says he had a blast picking projects to illustrate from among our A to Z guide of volunteer efforts at Hopkins ( "V is for Volunteering"). "I chose my favorites — the ones that seemed like the most fun," says the father of two, who works in a studio high above the Hudson River, surrounded by vintage toys and books. — SD

Kristi Birch ("Detecting a Cure") is a writer at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She can be reached at
Photographer John Davis ("The Big Question") is based in Baltimore. Contact him by calling 410-241-2767.
Freelance writer Jim Duffy ("Mother Knows Best") lives in Cambridge, Maryland. He can be reached at 443-799-8627.
Illustrator John Kachik (Wholly Hopkins: "Hopkins-Sponsored High School Mixes Business With Education") is based in Sykesville, Maryland. Contact him at 410-552-1900 or through his Web site at
Will Kirk '99 (Wholly Hopkins: "Hopkins Community Stunned and Saddened by Student's Murder") is a photographer for Homewood Photographic Services. E-mail him at
Photographer Sam Kittner ("Mother Knows Best") is based in Takoma Park, Maryland. Visit his Web site,
Illustrator Michael Morgenstern ("Essay") is based in New Jersey. His Web site is Call him at 609-823-2420 or e-mail him at
Illustrator Robert Neubecker (Wholly Hopkins: "Paying Attention? That s a (Frontoparietal) Switch") lives in Utah. Contact him through his Website at
Writer Greg Rienzi (Wholly Hopkins: "Bottom Line") is a freelance writer and staff member of the Johns Hopkins Gazette. E-mail him at
Scott Roberts (Wholly Hopkins: "Cancer Research Funds May Be Up in Smoke") is a Baltimore illustrator who can be reached by calling 410-879-3362.
Christine A. Rowett (Wholly Hopkins: "Vignette") is a freelance writer living in Catonsville, Maryland. She may be reached at
Angela Paik Schaeffer (Wholly Hopkins: "Documenting African-Americans' Contributions") is writer/editor of the Krieger School's Arts and Sciences Magazine. She can be reached at or 410-516-7702.
Photographer Keith Weller ("Detecting a Cure") is based in Columbia, Maryland. He can be reached via e-mail at
Graphic illustrator Jean Wisenbaugh ("Tsunami Relief, On the Front Lines" and ,"Medicine Where They Need It Most") lives in Towson, Maryland. View her work at

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