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Shock Treament
By Jim Duffy
Violent crime rates continue to soar among urban teens. Johns Hopkins trauma surgeon Eddie Cornwell is using a strong dose of reality to fight that culture of violence.

Force of Nature
By Dale Keiger
Hurricanes and tsunamis have ravaged coastlines and claimed lives. Advances in coastal engineering may hold the key to lessening the damage.

Knowing Osama
By Catherine Pierre
A conversation with CNN terrorism analyst and SAIS adjunct professor Peter Bergen, on his new book, The Osama bin Laden I Know.

Raymond Pearl's "Mingled Mess"
By Melissa Hendricks
One of eugenics' major early proponents, biologist Raymond Pearl became one of its most vocal critics. Are there lessons to be learned for modern genetics?

  Wholly Hopkins

Wholly Hopkins: Matters of note from around Johns Hopkins

Humanities: Team unearths an Egyptian queen

University: Gift to have decades-long impact

Public Health: Bad air increases hospital admissions

Public Policy: Communication key to mine safety

History: Book sheds light on "hidden" war

Professional Studies: New home for Education

Music: Improv old and new

Libraries: Architecture database goes live

Medicine: Alternative treatments for cancer

Medicine: International takes mission to Middle East

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Contributors to the April Issue
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The Big Question: Do Psychiatrists Need Their Heads Examined?
The Big Picture: Of Hope and HIV, in Uganda
Editor's Note: Tough Breaks
Essay: No Regrets
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Your Other Life: Tribal Matters

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