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The Big Picture

Art in the Everyday

Photographer Will Kirk, A&S '99, accompanied a group of students during the Hopkins in Egypt intersession course, an archaeological and art historical introduction to Egypt's ancient monuments. "I was there to photograph the students and document the first week of their tour," he says. "As long as I had a camera in hand, though, I was going to be shooting whatever caught my eye." On day two, on the bus trip to Saqqara, an ancient burial ground south of Cairo, it was laundry that got his attention. "I've shot this same photo in Egypt, Bulgaria, Tennessee, Baltimore, and a million other places," he says. "I don't know whose clothes they are, who does the laundry, or really anything about the day-to-day goings-on of the people who wear them. But all laundry has pretty much the same look, smell, and feel when drying in the morning light."

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