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Capturing time and big ears

Landscape and the passage of time
Phyllis Berger, who photographed "The Big Question," is drawn to images that depict the passage of time as reflected in the juxtaposition of man and the natural landscape, the transient nature of weather and light. Berger had ample opportunity to explore that theme during an artists' residency in Brittany, France, last June. "I sought to portray this sense of timelessness with the human figure ensconced in an ancient environment," says Berger, an instructor in the photography program she created for the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

Drawn to interesting faces
If you have a big nose, crow's feet, or ears that stick out, illustrator Joe Ciardiello will notice and work it into a portrait. "The more interesting the face, the more fun a person is to draw," says Ciardiello, who drew portraits of alumni writers Lawrence Hill, Millard Kaufman, and Tristan Davies for our cover story. When he isn't busy creating illustrations for publications like The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and The New Yorker, Ciardiello drums in a soul/jazz band comprised entirely of illustrators. It's called the Half-Tones. — MB

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