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Tiny Cells, Huge Possibilities
By Michael Anft
A change in the White House may touch off an explosion of embryonic stem cell research at Johns Hopkins. But less-controversial advances may be just as promising.

All This from Hip-Hop
By Lester Spence
A Krieger School of Arts and Sciences assistant professor of political science muses on rap music's role in Barack Obama's historic election.

Baseball's Anthem
By Dale Keiger
Before it became the song of the seventh-inning stretch, "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" was a hit on the vaudeville stage.

The Outsider
By Jeffrey Anderson
SAIS professor Eliot Cohen went inside the State Department shortly after his public criticism of the Iraq war. Back at work in academia now, he shares his insights.

Gamer Theory
By Geoff Brown, A&S '91
To get to the top of the $9.5 billion video game industry, three alumni had to start in the basement — and learn how to outwit their sword-wielding opponents.

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