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APRIL 1997




P U B L I C    P O L I C Y    A N D    I N T E R N A T I O N A L    A F F A I R S

Related Sites
Desperately Seeking Safe Haven
By Dale Keiger

One place to start is ReliefNet [], a sort of index for humanitarian relief organizations that also provides the opportunity to make pledges on-line.

The United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR) maintains an extensive site [] that can take forever to load but provides a lot of information. You can download either the English or French version, and find basic information on UNHCR and what it does, a clickable map that takes you to date on various refugee crises, images of refugees, news releases, and repatriation information reports. One extraordinary feature is Witness, an on-line documentary series that currently covers two refugee situations, that of the Tauregs in the Sahara, and Bosnia. You'll need a good web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer, and QuickTime video capability. The site uses still photos, video, text, and testimony from refugees to illuminate the plight of the displaced in these two areas. More series will appear on this site in the future.

The International Rescue Committee has a site [] that explains its overseas programs, and has a link for employment opportunities, if you really want to get involved.