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Note: Some of the material featured on the websites described here is disturbing. You may wish to prevent your children from accessing it. Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Magazine assume no responsibility for the subject matter included within these sites.

H U M A N I T I E S    A N D    T H E    A R T S

What's Weird Here?
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By Dale Keiger

Ladies and gentlemen, do you ever tire of being ladies and gentlemen? Do you occasionally yearn for something a little more...lively? A bit less genteel? Even, perhaps, something from the dark end of the street? Yes, we thought so. You look like our kind of crowd, like people who go for a little extra pepper in their gumbo. Well go no further, folks, because right here we've got a few attractions that will not be appearing during the family hour, not even on Fox. So park the kids in front of that Lion King video and step inside our cyber-tent for a walk on the wild side with the Johns Hopkins Magazine Virtual Sideshow!

Our select team, each a certified Doctor of Thaumatology, has roamed the wrong side of the electronic tracks to assemble a show that will shock, amaze, repel, and revolt! And we mean that in the best possible way!

First on our bill is James Taylor's own Shocked and Amazed! web site (, proof positive that Mr. Taylor's Hopkins education was not wasted! You'll find news of the current issue of Shocked and Amazed!, carnival stuff to buy, books for scholars of the teratogenic, links to other electronic oddities, plus James's electronic newsletter On the Sawdust Trail.

Next, we present the current Master of the Macabre, the Exquisitor of the Extreme, Jim Rose and the Jim Rose Circus! Jim's page ( doesn't always load properly--has that boy been playing with controlled substances again?--but it's worth it when it does if only for the photos of the JRC family, including Enigma, B=E9b=E9=, and the rest of the gang. If you can't make the official site appear on your desktop, try the SteinerLands Jim Rose fan page (, all the way from Norway.

You think you know everything that can be done with various body parts? Prepare for a major paradigm shift, because next up we have Mr. Lifto ( A glance at the first photo will tell you why we suggested stashing the kids in another room. Now that's entertainment!!! Included among the attractions is a photo of Mr. Lifto with his wife. What do you suppose she tells her parents?

If Mr. Lifto's not grotesque enough for you, we've got more!! We've got the Torture King himself, Tim Cridland! See his page ( for all the things you tried to talk your little brother into doing.

Last but never least, folks, we present, from New York, where some would say a freak show is merely redundant, the Coney Island Circus Sideshow ( Frank Hartman, the Kind of Fire... Zenobia, the Bearded Lady... Koko the Killer Clown... who could ask for more in fin de millenium entertainment? Step right up folks...the bizarre is but a click away...