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Gray Matters
By Michael Purdy
Why do some elderly people dash through their golden years with their brains as nimble as ever? Michela Gallagher is finding answers that could spark new strategies for preventing memory loss.

Issues of Identity
By Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson
Black sociology professor Katrina Bell McDonald talks candidly about what it means to be a "poster child" at a predominantly white research institution like Johns Hopkins.

By Mary Mashburn and Sue De Pasquale
Illustration by Mike McConnell

Graduation isn't just for seniors this year! Relive those madcap days leading up to Commencement with a zany game guaranteed to leave you chuckling. Just grab a game piece, roll the dice, and go...

Study of a Lifetime
By Elaine Weiss
With Hopkins medical students as "guinea pigs," Caroline Bedell Thomas launched a landmark health survey five decades ago that is continuing to yield important results.

What's All the Fuss?
By Dale Keiger
Museum director Arnold Lehman (MA '66) says his motivations are simple: to lure in new audiences that will allow the Brooklyn Museum of Art to thrive, and the borough to flourish.

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Johns Hopkins Magazine,
June 2001

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