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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
The sky's the limit

Kathryn Hansen, A&S '05 (MA), describes herself as a "space nut." "My dream job is to be an astronaut," says Hansen, who majored in physics and astronomy at the University of Washington before coming to the Writing Seminars at Hopkins. She didn't get the chance to indulge in space travel during her semester-long tenure as Johns Hopkins Magazine's Corbin Gwaltney Fellow, but she did get to engage in her passion for writing. The Seattle native wrote about such varied topics as cancer research funding, music classes for preschoolers, and what people at Hopkins were doing to aid tsunami victims in South Asia. Her favorite assignment of all, she says, was profiling a half dozen female scientists from across Hopkins for this issue's "Wired for Science" feature. "It was fun to go out and meet scientists," she says. "It reminded me of why I want to be a science writer — because I get to learn a little about a lot of different things."

After graduation, Hansen has plans for a summer internship at Geotimes in Alexandria, Virginia.

Textual pleasures

With washes of citrine and aqua and dreamy images of books and old-fashioned electric fans, artist and illustrator Hadley Hooper sought to evoke the warmth of a lazy summer afternoon for this issue's "Ultimate Summer Reading List." A Colorado native who lives in Denver, Hooper plans to spend her summer painting and illustrating, with occasional forays into the garden outside her studio, where she recently discovered a nest of four cottontail rabbits. An avid reader, she often uses passages from her favorite books for inspiration. "One of my favorite authors is Julio Cortázar — his short stories and his book Hopscotch," she says. "Up until a couple years ago, every summer I would re-read [Gabriel Garcia Marquez'] One Hundred Years of Solitude. It's interesting to revisit characters and situations and recognize different things in them as I mature."

Hooper's work has appeared in such publications as The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Harper's and The New Yorker.
— Maria Blackburn

Photographer Kellie Jo Brown ("The Long Strange Trip of David Hoffman") is based in Eureka, California. Reach her at 707.445.5724 or
Illustrator William L. Brown (Wholly Hopkins: "Now Virtually Everywhere") can be reached through his Web site,
Photographer Mike Ciesielski ("Wired for Science") is based in Baltimore. Call him at 410-253-8274.
Illustrator Stephanie Dalton Cowen ("Ruminations") resides in Atlanta, Georgia. See more of her work at or reach her at 770-509-1099.
Writer Amy Cowles (Wholly Hopkins: "Spring brings a bevy of Guggenheims") is a media relations representative in the Office of News and Information. Contact her at
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Scott Roberts (Wholly Hopkins: "Classroom clickers and other education innovations") is a Baltimore illustrator who can be reached by calling 410-879-3362.
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