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Illustrator Kim Barnes ("Into the Hands of Babes") is based in Baltimore. Contact her by calling 410/243-1951
Illustrator Charles Beyl ("Briefings" and "Updates") lives in Mountville, Pennsylvania. Contact him via e-mail at:
Illustrator Melissa Grimes (see below) lives and works in Austin, Texas. Contact her via e-mail at
Illustrator Kevin O'Malley ("Essay") lives and works in Baltimore.
Illustrator Bruno Paciulli ("Updates") lives in Baltimore.
Photographer Steven Rubin ("Pride in Joy") is based in Hyattsville, Maryland. Contact him by calling 301/277-1991.
Photographer Keith Weller ("Into the Hands of Babes" photo of William Reiner) is based in Columbia, Maryland. He can be reached at 410/381-2400.


The happy accidents of collage
Illustrator Melissa Grimes, whose work over the past two decades has appeared in such venues as Rolling Stone, GQ, Mother Jones, and The Washington Post, tackled her collage for
"Home, Sick Home" with glee. "It's every girl's dream to do a doll house, and the added twist of its being a 'poisonous' doll house made it even more fun, says Grimes, whose studio in Austin, Texas, is crammed with scraps (vintage postcards, book jackets, maps) she has collected over the years. Having recently shifted to doing collage on the computer, Grimes was happy to take a more hands-on approach for this project. "I like the 'accidents' that can occur," she says.


Extraordinary voices
"I can always find great photographs," says book editor Mame Warren. "But the voices I discovered here at Hopkins were beyond my wildest dreams." Warren, who has edited eight books (most recently an anniversary book for Washington and Lee University), spent more than 18 months combing the university's archives and collecting oral histories for Johns Hopkins: Knowledge for the World, a pictorial history celebrating the university's 125-year anniversary.