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Having Fun, Inside and Out

A private screening
Slasher films aren't exactly Michele A. H. Smith's cup of tea, so she wasn"t quite sure what to expect when photographing Hollywood horror movie director Wes Craven (MA '64) for "The Big Question." Smith found she needn't have worried. Craven wasn't scary at all, she says; in fact, he was downright shy at the start. But the more the two talked, the more they found in common: a past with varied jobs, a strong work ethic. The Los Angeles-based Smith is regularly called on to photograph celebrities (think: AbFab Girls, Larry Flynt) and corporate CEOs. "I'm fun," she says. "All my photo shoots end with a hug."

Science he can dig
Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, Baltimore writer Michael Purdy passed many a summer afternoon poking around in the dirt. "I was into bugs as a kid. I liked getting dirty," says Purdy, a media representative for Homewood"s Office of Communications and Public Affairs. So he was more than a little excited to visit the lab of researcher Katalin Szlavecz--a scientist who spends her days digging up, identifying, and classifying isopods, worms, and other soil-dwelling creatures ("The Rollicking Life of the Roly-Poly"). His favorite part of reporting our story? The "huge jars of pickled earthworms" in Szlavecz"s lab.--SD

Writer "Sir" Geoffrey Brumfiel ("The Inevitable Fate") lives in Takoma Park, Maryland. Visit his website at
Writer Emily Carlson (MA '01) recently joined the media relations staff at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Contact her via e-mail:
Photographer Mike Ciesielski ("Pregnant Pause") lives and works in Baltimore. Contact him by calling 410/235-8274.
Cover artist William Cigliano lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. He can be reached by calling 773-973- 0062.
Photographer Chris Hartlove ("Wholly Hopkins: Vignette") is based in Baltimore. Visit his website at
Writer Barbara Kiviat '01, "A Day in the Life of the Creative Chrysalis," spent the summer in Arizona.
Photographer Mark Lee ("Your Other Life") lives and works in Baltimore. Contact him by calling 410/663-3479.
Illustrator Mike McConnell ( "Wholly Hopkins: Developing Robot Retrievers for Libraries") lives and works in Phoenix, Maryland. Visit his website at
Illustrator Wally Neibart ("Ruminations") lives and works in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. He can be reached by calling 215-635- 0487.
Writer Tom Nugent ("Ruminations"), a longtime Baltimore resident, currently lives in Michigan. Contact him via e-mail:
Illustrator Bruno Paciulli ("Essay") lives and works in Baltimore.
Illustrator William Risers, who created the illustrated icons that appear throughout "Wholly Hopkins," works out of Mill Valley, California, and can be reached by calling 415/389- 0332.
Photographer Louis Rosenstock ("Wholly Hopkins: Elbow Deep in the Great Comet Chase") lives and works in Baltimore.
Photographer Michele A. H. Smith ("The Big Question") is based in Los Angeles and can be reached by calling 323-469-6644.
Photographer Stephen Spartana ("The Gospel According to Manuel") lives in Sparks, Maryland. Contact him via e-mail,, or visit his website at
Illustrator Janet Woolley ("Dorm Living, 2001") lives and works in London.

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