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Space Weather
By Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson
Downed satellites, damaged spacecraft, widespread blackouts. The fallout from solar storms can prove disastrous to our increasingly technological world. At APL, scientists are working to improve future forecasting.

The Sunkist
By Tyler Johnson
Assigned to write his "auto"-biography for a class on the history of the American automobile, a student pens a tale of the "mile"-stones he passed in the company of his family's bright orange Mercedes-Benz.

Ready to Serve
By Jocelyn Kelly '02
In the months since last fall's terrorist attacks, the world climate has changed considerably -- and so has the outlook for Hopkins' graduating ROTC cadets.

High Rollers
By Dale Keiger
Thrills abound when two self-described "coaster freaks" from Peabody set out on their summer tour of 15 amusement parks across five states. Our intrepid writer tags along for the fun.

An Unnecessary Force?
By Dale Keiger
Putting cops in schools cuts down on student violence and crime, and helps kids feel safe, right? Not so fast, says Hopkins' Sheldon Greenberg, who contends that we've gone overboard in creating a "school safety" industry.

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