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Excellent Adventures
When Johns Hopkins' undergraduate admissions staff wanted to get beyond SAT scores, they asked applicants to plan an adventure on the cheap. As these essays show, $10 and a little imagination can go a very long way.

Clay, Paper, Code
By Dale Keiger
Hopkins IT specialist Dean Snyder has long had a mission: to apply the newest technology to the world's oldest writing — cuneiform. After 20 years of working alone, he now has a team, money, and momentum.

Then There Was Light
By Michael Purdy
In spring 2002, Hopkins scientists installed the Advanced Camera for Surveys in the Hubble Space Telescope. ACS is now sending back photos that are significant to astronomers — and simply stunning to the rest of us.

Sound Reasoning
By Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson
Hopkins research professor James West invented a button-sized microphone that, 30 years ago, revolutionized the telephone and recording industries. Now he's putting his love of science to work for medicine, the Internet, and more.

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