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The Big Question

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Jay T. Van Rensselaer

Q: Is It Sweeter the Second Time?
A: "Winning in 2005 came as such a splendid shock, it was hard to absorb it in one sitting. Our senior class that year had gone through so much, falling short of a national championship three straight years, that the most prevalent feeling our underclassmen had, I think, was happiness at seeing that group of guys finally be successful and perfect. In 2007, our season was different. In the middle of the year, we looked a long way from the steamroller that was the 2005 Jays. At 4-4, it was possible we wouldn't make the playoffs. After a three-game losing streak, my personal low point at JHU, we turned our season around to finish with a win streak that took us right through Memorial Day. Losing three games in a row didn't mean discouragement; it meant that those blows helped solidify the 2007 Blue Jays into a tight-knit family that knew, no matter what, we had 53 men ready to take on all comers. That is what I will remember about 2007. Not the shock of 2005, but the teammates and friends of 2007."
— Kyle Miller, A&S '07, defenseman for the Blue Jays men's lacrosse team, which this spring won its second national championship in three years

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