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Very Small Things

A mouse in the house
Library reference materials weren't cutting it. Bill Cigliano was drawing mice running on a giant DNA-inspired double helix, and he thought some in-studio inspiration would better do the trick. "So I went to the pet store and got the little guy," he says of the mouse pictured at right. "I liked the shape of him." That yet-to-be-named rodent became the model for all the mice you'll see in "Of Mice and Medicine" — and a new addition to the Cigliano menagerie. A regular contributor to Johns Hopkins Magazine, Cigliano is known for his animal illustrations, including some for Harper Collins children's books. Recently he illustrated the MLB All-Star program and three posters for the Kentucky State Fair.

A thousand points of green light
Pretty much the day she walked into the magazine's office, Corbin Gwaltney Fellow Siobhan Paganelli, A&S '08, had her heart set on writing a story about student-generated sustainability programs at Johns Hopkins. Nice idea, but would there be enough of them to fill a feature? Siobhan was insistent. She was also right. Bright, outgoing, and enthusiastic, she was plugged into campus life, and she was able to track down all of the little projects that we hadn't heard about. Five of them made it into "Green Idea! It Might Just Work" — a story she wrote just before heading to Asia for a five-week graduation-celebration trip. Congrats, Siobhan! — CP

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