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Illustrator Kim Barnes ("Reader Reflections") can be reached by calling 410/544-4644.
Peggy Fussell, whose illustration appears in the In Short section, lives in Baltimore and can be reached by calling 410/366-3276.
Illustrator Mike Lane ("Who Says Statistics Can't Keep You in Stitches?") is based in Baltimore and can be reached by calling the Baltimore Sun offices.
Mark Lee, whose photos appear in "Sylvan's Fast Learners," is based in Baltimore and can be reached at 410/663-3479.
Kevin O'Malley, whose illustrations appear in the In Short section and the Essay, is based in Baltimore. He can be reached at 410/377-4582.
Jay Van Rensselaer, whose photos appear in the In Short section, can be reached at the Homewood Photo Lab at 410/516-5332
Illustrator Greg Spalenka ("Classmate Compassion") lives in Woodland Hills, California, and can be reached at 818-992-5828.
Stephen Spartana, whose photo illustrations appear on the cover and in "Scrambling for Dollars" is based in Baltimore. Visit his website at

Given the jocular nature of our feature story on the School of Nursing's funny man, Professor Ron Berk (" Who Says Statistics Can't Keep You in Stiches?"), we wanted accompanying art that didn't take itself too seriously. So we turned to editorial cartoonist Mike Lane.

Lane has been on the editorial staff of the Baltimore Sun (and before that, The Evening Sun) for 25 years. A member of the Creator's Syndicate, his work has also appeared in a wide variety of national magazines and newspapers, including Newsweek, Time, and The New York Times.

"The trick with cartooning," says Lane, "is to make it look easy--off the cuff. I wish it were that way. It's not as easy as it sounds."

Each morning, Lane goes in to his desk at the Sun and works up ideas for editorial cartoons on three different subjects; by noon he submits "roughs" to the editorial page editor, who decides which one of the three ideas will appear in print the next day.

As we hoped, Lane had fun illustrating our story on Berk; given the professor's proclivity toward game shows like Jeopardy!, capturing him in cariacature, Lane says, was like hitting a "slowpitch softball."

Lane himself is no stranger to Hopkins or to things professorial. His wife, Gloria Lane, is on the faculty of the Division of Education at the School of Continuing Studies. --SD