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Clock Wise
By Melissa Hendricks
New work by Johns Hopkins biologist Samer Hattar is shedding light on the circadian clock, the master timekeeper inside our brains.

One Thing in Common
By Catherine Pierre
All of the students on these pages are starting their first semester at Johns Hopkins University. Beyond that, though, they're quite a mixed bunch.

Dr. Football
By Dale Keiger
Coach Jim Margraff doesn't scream at his players, he teaches them. And he has won more football games than any coach in Jays history.

Necessary Steps
By Maria Blackburn
Vision 2020, a report on the status of women at Johns Hopkins, suggested that the university needs to change its culture. How are we doing?

  Wholly Hopkins

Wholly Hopkins: Matters of note from around Johns Hopkins

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Medicine: A MacArthur among us

Archives: Indexing a newspaper's past

Students: Jobs beckon new graduates

Community: Hopkins builds a public library

Nursing: A new doctorate for nurses

Medicine: Vitamin C and the Big C

In Memoriam: "Big Bang" pioneer dies

Books: Risky business

Civility: "The Terrible Ten" of manners

Business: Advising the Iron Man

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