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Of Novelists and Novices

Identifying the Muse
Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson says Porochista Khakpour, A&S '02 (MA), made for the perfect subject for her story, "American Girl" — open enough to discuss her art, yet with a depth and exoticism that mark her as a particularly compelling study. "Porochista is disarmingly honest about her life and her work, and that really comes out in her writing," says Dickinson, a contributing editor at Architect who also writes about buildings, design, and culture for publications like Metropolis and The New York Times Magazine, and on her blog, Urban Palimpsest. "Nothing is sacred, nothing is off limits, and that willingness to take risks is admirable."

The Start of a Great Adventure
When we asked sophomore Raford "Rip" Bussey Jr. to write an essay for "Into the Woods," our feature about Pre-Orientation, he rifled through his back pages. It "required me to relive a very significant part of my freshman year in college," says Bussey. "I had never considered the ripple effect that it has had. After turning over every mental rock in order to divine just what the trip 'meant to me,' I found that my participation may very well have determined my college experience." Bussey, who has written for The Johns Hopkins News-Letter and The Augusta Chronicle, hopes to practice law one day. — MA

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