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"Fractured French" Solutions
By Solomon Golomb '51

1. a. Common expressions:
cause célèbre, double-entendre, joie de vivre, raison d'être

b. Proper nouns:
(le) Louvre, Montmartre, Sartre

2. enfant terrible, Les Misérables

3. An r sound is almost always heard in genre and in the Notre of Notre Dame. It is retained in manoeuvre, which is more commonly Anglicized to maneuver. The usual semi-Anglicized pronunciation of hors d'oeuvre is OR-DURV (rhyming with serve) where v and r have been transposed.

4. Some common examples: aperçu, façade, garçon, salade Niçoise.

5. My pet gripes are Cro-Magnon (where the gn should be as in filet mignon) and au gratin (which commonly sounds like aw Groton, when so many other culinary terms try to retain their French pronunciations).

Let me know of your other examples in all five categories.

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