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November 1996

On Campuses

What Makes Mike Bloomberg So Smart?
By Dale Keiger
Never underestimate the power of a simple idea. Thanks to one, a former Wall Street clerk has risen to become one of the nation's richest and most powerful men.

In Short: Knapp named provost ... Block resigns from hospital... new SAIS institute to study Central Asia... defining Generation X... "getting ahead" at Medicine...

Health and Medicine

In Short: A viral link to fatty arteries?... cancer pain relief that's under the skin... more natural results in hair restoration

Public Policy and International Affairs

Presidential Picks
By Melissa Hendricks
John Money as surgeon general? Sid Mintz as secretary of agriculture? On the eve of the election, we took the liberty of making some rather unorthodox appointments.

In Short: On the stump with a "real" Democrat... a model for school discipline... hope and entreaty for a malaria vaccine... who's in charge here?

Humanities and The Arts

Reflections of a First-Time Professor
By Dale Keiger
The neophyte writing instructor found 14 Hopkins undergraduates who were earnest and attentive... but could he get them to unlock their imaginations?

In Short: F. Scott Fitzgerald's Southern sympathies... whatever happened to the Turnbull Lectures?... lessons in assimilation... a weighty matter

Science and Technology

The Short Course That's Long on Influence
By Elise Hancock
Each August in Bar Harbor, Maine, geneticists from around the world gather to share the very latest in their field. The magazine's Elise Hancock tagged along.

In Short: The nocturnal nature of the northern lights... a wisp of oxygen on Ganymede... inside the Golgi there's no standing still


Editor's Note

Guido Veloce: A Primer for Politics

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