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Special Issue: "Straws in the Wind"
September 1994

Community: On Pulling Together

Communities are about commitment, not convenience, writes Christine Gorman, while our fragmented lives make them more difficult to sustain... Caryle Murphy says that our "destructive passion for assault must be exorcised"... and newspaperman Bill Grueskin suggests one (daily) means for pulling together.

Search for Intelligent Life in Late 20th Century
By Christine Gorman, MA '84
A Global Explosion of Populist Violence
By Caryle Murphy, SAIS '87
The City Daily: Our Last Best Hope?
By Bill Grueskin, SAIS '81
The Urban Checkerboard, Etc.

Technology: At What Price, Progress?

Technology now enables us to work from home, writes "Compleat Recluse" Corbin Gwaltney... The extra hour saved by the microwave is typically spent not with the kids or at a museum, observes Terence Monmaney... and Stephen Dixon explains why he remains true to his Hermes manual.

Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
By Corbin Gwaltney '43
Life in the Swirl
By Terence Monmaney, MA '83
Paean to the Hermes Standard
By Stephen Dixon
The Eureka Factor, Etc.

Culture: Toward Contemplation

Imagination--not literality--is intrinsic to literature, observes John Barth... In "Up Against It," poet Eleanor Wilner writes of a wall, a searingly white wall... Outside the United States, "No Smoking" is the exception rather than the rule, Wolf Blitzer has found.

By John Barth, '51, MA '52
Up Against It
By Eleanor Wilner, MA '64, PhD '73
Outside the U.S., Smoking Is Still Hot
By Wolf Blitzer, SAIS '72
Drowned by Music, Etc.

Sovereignty: All Bets Are Off

In Russia today, the modus vivendi is, "If you want to survive, you better learn to wheel and deal," reports Jeff Lilley... JJ's Russian Restaurant is the setting for Molly Peacock's poem, "Goodbye Hello in the East Village"... America's ambivalence about pulling its oar in the U.N. makes the world a more dangerous place, argues Randolph Ryan.

A Picture of Russia
By Jeff Lilley, SAIS '91
Goodbye Hello in the East Village
By Molly Peacock, MA '76
Invest Fully in the U.N., or Accept Chaos
By Randolph Ryan
The Global Shopping Mall, Etc.

Global Resources: Too Many People

They roiled and teemed... The park was not big enough for all of them," writes Rosemary Mahoney, of the many thousands of people--bicyclists, runners, skaters, picnickers, panhandlers, Frisbee throwersÄshe encountered one afternoon in Central Park.

Scenes from Central Park
By Rosemary Mahoney, MA '85
"Environmental Refugees," etc.


Editor's Note
Guido Veloce: You Don't Need a Weatherman


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