JHU MMIC Design EE787 Course

*Pictures from JHU EP 2006-2007 Annual Report


The MMIC Design course is a graduate Electrical Engineering class at Johns Hopkins University conceived by Dr. M.L. Edwards.  Dr. Roger Westgate co-instructed the very first class in the summer of 1989, and it was later co-taught every Fall semester starting in 1989 by Craig Moore and John Penn.


Students learn about Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit Design (MMIC) during the first half of the semester and then apply that knowledge on a MMIC design project.  TriQuint Semiconductor  has been fabricating the studentís GaAs ICs since those first classes in 1989.  The original class in 1989 used the 0.5 um MESFET (TQHA) process from TriQuint, which has evolved to a much higher frequency 0.13 um PHEMT (TQP13) process in recent years, ie., since 2011.  EEsof, now Agilent EEsof, has provided software support (ADS) since the first class.  In more recent years, AWR has also provided software support (MWO) for student MMIC designs.  Students typically return a few months later to test their fabricated ICs.  The student projects (reports) and their measured test results are linked below for the more recent years (since 2000).   

  In 2004, Craig Moore retired from teaching and Sheng Cheng helped teach the class. For several years after, Dr. Michel Reece co-taught the MMIC class. Now Dr. Willie Thompson is co-teaching MMIC Design. All were former JHU MMIC students in 1989, 2000, and 2001 respectively.
MMIC Projects-Student Reports        Measured Results

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            Recently, Pre-2000 student reports were scanned to create PDF copies.  Not all years were found, but most are contained below:

1989-1999 Older (Scanned) JHU MMIC Projects and Reports


These student reports and measured results are scanned from printed reports and will not be as good a quality as reports after 2000 which were in Adobe PDF format.  A few years are missing, but most were recovered.In the early years, TriQuint fabricated up to five die for each class, so students could work in pairs up to the maximum class size of 10 students.In more recent years, TriQuint typically provides a quarter of a reticule (PDQ) such that each student can have their own individual design.


MMIC Projects-Student Reports        Measured Results


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