Research Themes: Paleoclimate

Linda A. Hinnov

In development, Fall 2014:

Climate change through geologic time is recorded in Earth's sedimentary strata, in both constituents and depositional patterns of the sediment. My research focus is mainly on the latter, mostly on cyclic stratigraphy related to Milankovitch forcing, but in recent years also on much shorter, millennial to annual (and even sub-annual) timescales.

Current paleoclimate projects:

Milankovitch scale:
Evolution of Climate Noise
Eocene-Oligocene of China
Cretaceous Songliao Basin of China
Jurassic Mochras Project, Wales
Triassic Cyclostratigraphy of China
Paleozoic Dust Dynamics
Paleozoic Milankovitch Cycles
Precambrian Milankovitch Cycles

Millennial to annual scale:
Holocene-Quaternary Atmosphere-Ocean Oscillations
Cretaceous Songliao Basin of China

Last modified: 12-Oct-2014