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July 29, 2008
CONTACT: Phil Sneiderman

Johns Hopkins Engineering Programs for Professionals
Name New Chairs for Two Study Areas

The Johns Hopkins University Engineering Programs for Professionals, EPP, have separated the management of their systems engineering and technical management education programs. With the retirement of Kenneth A. Potocki, who chaired both, two new program chairs were appointed, effective June 30. The change was made in order to focus greater attention on the growth opportunities in both areas, EPP administrators said.

A search committee drawn from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and the Whiting School of Engineering selected Ronald Luman to chair the systems engineering program and Joseph Suter to chair the technical management program. Samuel Seymour will continue as vice chair for systems engineering.

Luman, who currently heads the National Security Analysis Department at APL, has an impressive history of accomplishments as a systems engineer. He will be working to enhance the competitive position of EPP's systems engineering program in this fast-changing field.

In addition to developing and teaching courses for many years at Johns Hopkins, Suter has distinguished himself in leadership and management roles in APL's Research and Technology Development Center and in the laboratory's Space Department. He looks forward to implementing his vision for developing the technical management program.

As vice chair for systems engineering, Seymour will continue to draw on his extensive experience at both APL and EPP to help guide the program in responding to the changing needs of students, their employers and the nation.

Part of the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering, the Engineering and Applied Science Programs for Professionals offer master's degrees in 14 distinct disciplines. There are currently more than 2,200 students enrolled in EPP programs at seven education centers throughout the Baltimore/Washington area and online. For more information on EPP programs and functions, contact Associate Dean Allan Bjerkaas at 410-540-2960, visit the Web site at www.epp.jhu.edu or e-mail epp@jhu.edu.