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January 28, 2009
CONTACT: Phil Sneiderman

Facebook 101: Students Unveil New Applications
for Social Web Site

WHEN: 4 to 5 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 29, 2009

WHERE: Second-floor lobby of the Computational Science and Engineering Building at The Johns Hopkins University's Homewood campus, 3400 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md.

WHO: Teams of Johns Hopkins undergraduate and graduate students who just completed an experimental engineering course will showcase new applications they've developed for use by Facebook's 140 million worldwide users.

WHAT: During a three-week Intersession course, students conceptualized, developed and began marketing five new applications for Facebook users. The course is believed to have been one of the first computer science-based university classes ever offered with a focus on Facebook applications. At Thursday's event, the students will demonstrate their projects, which include Mosayick (a way to assemble tiny pieces of a friend's photos to create a larger new image, resembling an online mosaic) and TextTrade (a method of buying or selling used textbooks with other Facebook users). If the new applications become popular enough, they may become source of revenue for the student inventors.

WHY: While working on their projects, the students learned to combine engineering knowledge with entrepreneurship, marketing and psychology.

FACULTY SUPERVISORS FOR THE EVENT: Carol E. Reiley and Daniel Mirota, graduate students in the Department of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins.

More information about the design project and competition rules can be found at this Web site: lcsr.jhu.edu/EN600.406.