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Central Mail Services of Homewood

Mail Center Meter Accounts

The JHU Mail Center offers daily processing of out-bound mail
and package shipments for all University departments. The JHU Mail Center currently offers services through the US Postal Service and UPS.

University departments which set up Mail Center Meter Accounts can have their daily out-bound mail and packages processed by Mail Services regardless of volume. For departments with Meter Accounts, Mail Services offers free pick-up of intended out-bound mail and packages with the regularly scheduled deliveries and collections daily. This mail is delivered to the JHU Mail Services facility at the end of each route where it is processed for mailing that day.

Departments can open individual Meter Accounts for multiple budgets. Single budgets can be customized for tracking volumes and expenses within certain programs or for specific purposes. Monthly audit reporting is generated for each account showing transaction detail summaries with a single charge for the total monthly activity.

To establish Mail Center Meter Accounts:
A simple memo should be prepared on department letterhead or e-mailed.
The memo should include the budget number(s) to be charged, the account name for each budget, the department location for each account, a contact person, and the person to whom the audit statements should be sent. The request can be e-mailed to
For inquiries, please call 410-516-4295.

Departments should have mail to be processed separated for pick-up. This mail should not be mixed with US mail already posted for collection. Departments should have a separate sort for pick-up of mail to be processed by Homewood Mail Center. Mail Couriers will be able to deliver this mail directly to the Mail Center for processing without having to separate it from other campus mail.

Please Note:

All mail processed incurs a nominal handling charge, not to exceed 6.7% of the total cost of postage. However, significant postage discounts are available, through Pre-Sort First Class Mail and International Courier Mail, for departments who open Meter Accounts with monthly billing.


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