Category Theory

LMU Munich

SommerSemester 2011

Course Information

Place: Theresienstr. 39 B004
Time: Mo 4 - 6

Instructor: Steve Awodey
Office: Theresienstr. 39, B421 (Math); Ludwigstr. 31, 123 (MCMP)
Office Hour: Monday 2-3 (Math); Thursday 4-5 (MCMP), or by appointment.
Phone: x4418


Category theory, a branch of abstract algebra, has found many applications in mathematics, logic, and computer science. Like such fields as elementary logic and set theory, category theory provides a basic conceptual apparatus and a collection of formal methods useful for addressing certain kinds of commonly occurring formal and informal problems, particularly those involving structural and functional considerations. This course is intended to acquaint students with these methods, and also to encourage them to reflect on the interrelations between category theory and the other basic formal disciplines.


Some familiarity with abstract algebra or logic.


Course notes will be provided.
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Steve Awodey