Hopkins Biology Schleif

Schleif's Portion of Graduate Biophysical Chemistry

This is an advanced course for graduate students in the biological sciences, although undergraduate students are welcome, that stresses the fundamentals and analysis of biological systems.

Schleif's portion of the course is very loosely based on the following text: "Genetics and Molecular Biology, second Ed." Robert Schleif, Johns Hopkins Press. Amazon.com has some used copies, or you can download, read, and print your own copy from the link to the pdf file for the entire book, Genetics and Molecular Biology 2nd Ed..

Haiku "summarizing" the mol. bio. portion of course.

Ikenna Okafor

Biophysical Wit

Promoting molecular

Estimations. Lit

Danny Duckworth

a key driving force

the entropy of water

the answer to all

Daria Naumova

Try to solve problems

with lac or AraC, hope

experiments work.

Mat Hurlock

Brownian motion

Nucleotides wrap a cell

Exams invoke thought

Michelle Biederman

Old exams tag cloud

Not as helpful as I thought

What should I study?


Josh Blundon

Supercoiling is

Positive and Negative

DNA Structure

Amanda Ray

Particles moving

Random motion with proteins

How do we find out?

Justin Gray

Alpha-helix curve

Protein translation, folding,

Test question, confused

Gabby Vidaurre

what is the number

of ribosomes in a cell?

approximate it

Xiaoyi Li

Cell volume finite

Combinations infinite


Anthony Mclean

Function follows form.

Expression rates reliant

On conformation.

Revised April/2018