Kehler, James S., V.A. David, A.A. Schäffer, K. Bajema, E. Eizirik, D.K. Ryugo, S.S. Hannah, S.J. O'Brien, and M. Menotti-Raymond (2007) Four Independent Mutations in the Feline Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 Gene Determine the Long-Haired Phenotype in Domestic Cats. Journal of Heredity 98:555-66.

To determine the genetic regulation of "hair length" in the domestic cat, a whole-genome scan was performed in a multigenerational pedigree in which the "long-haired" phenotype was segregating. The 2 markers that demonstrated the greatest linkage to the long-haired trait (log of the odds > or = 6) flanked an estimated 10-Mb region on cat chromosome B1 containing the Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 (FGF5) gene, a candidate gene implicated in regulating hair follicle growth cycle in other species. Sequence analyses of FGF5 in 26 cat breeds and 2 pedigrees of nonbreed cats revealed 4 separate mutations predicted to disrupt the biological activity of the FGF5 protein. Pedigree analyses demonstrated that different combinations of paired mutant FGF5 alleles segregated with the long-haired phenotype in an autosomal recessive manner. Association analyses of more than 380 genotyped breed and nonbreed cats were consistent with mutations in the FGF5 gene causing the long-haired phenotype in an autosomal recessive manner. In combination, these genomic approaches demonstrated that FGF5 is the major genetic determinant of hair length in the domestic cat.

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