Homewood Campus
Safety and Security

Homewood Campus Crime Blotter - June 2015

Event / Incident
1 - 6 June 2015
No incidents reported
7 June 2015
12:28 am
Auto Theft
2900 - 3000 blk Lovegrove Street
A housing custodial cart being driven up and down the street was stopped by campus officers in 3000 Blk. The two males and one female in the cart were identified as undergraduates, warned and advised to go back to their residences. No damage to the cart. Case referred to the Dean of Student Life’s office.
8 June 2015
No incidents reported
9 June 2015
9:02 pm
3100 Blk St. Paul St.
A graduate student residing on this block reported a verbal dispute with his neighbor. Baltimore Police and JHU security responded and spoke with all parties.
11 June 2015
8:45 am
Auto Theft - Unfounded
3400 N. Charles St. -
JHU Power Plant
Employees reported that a utility vehicle had been taken from the Power Plant parking lot overnight. Investigation revealed that an employee had driven the vehicle to a JHU parking garage where he parked it overnight without notifying other employees. Case unfounded, vehicle returned.
12 - 14 June 2015
No incidents reported
15 - 16 June 2015
3:00 pm - 7:00 am
Wyman Bldg 3 -
Recycle Area
Various used desktop computer towers were taken from the recycling area without permission. The recycle area may not have been locked during this time. Case continuing.
16 June 2015
1:45 pm
Destruction of Property
200 blk University Pkwy
A junior undergraduate discovered garage door was damaged, appearing to have been rammed by a vehicle. A 28-inch TV that was in the garage was then noticed to be missing though it was not known when it may have been last seen in the garage. Baltimore Police responded.
17 - 19 June 2015
No incidents reported