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Don’t let others tailgate when entering residence halls and report
  immediately anyone who you see helping others tailgate.
• Do not prop open any residence exterior door; this insures safety of
  all residents.
• When in the residence hall never leave your room unlocked, even while
  taking a shower or making a short trip down the hall.
• Refrain from posting notes on your door informing others that no one is
  in the room.
• Don’t leave valuables, like your wallet, checkbook, or jewelry, in
  open view.
• Keep an accurate inventory of your possessions. Engraving tools may
  be borrowed from Security for inscribing your driver’s license number.
• Keys should not be attached to University identification.
• Take care of your keys. Don’t give anyone a chance to duplicate them.
• Be a good neighbor look for suspicious activity or people in the
  residence hall.


Campus Safety & Security at Johns Hopkins University Emergency number: 410-516-7777