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• Don’t resist. Give up your property; don’t give up your life.

Do not volunteer any information or do anything other than what the robber
  asks. Listen carefully and pay attention to the robber's appearance and

One of the most important things to do if you are being robbed is to do as
  you are told and try to observe.

Try to avoid sudden moves.  The robber(s) are just as nervous as you.

• Call 911 or Campus Safety and Security 410-516-7777 right away. The first
  minutes after a crime occurs are critical to law enforcement.
• Describe exactly what occurred with as many details as possible. Give
  complete descriptions such as sex, race, age, height weight, hair color,
  scars, tattoos, and clothing. If a vehicle was involved try to get the make,
  color, and license plate.

• If you observe a crime in progress, STAY CALM AND CALL 911 OR CAMPUS
  SAFETY AND SECURITY AT 410-516-7777. Your actions can prevent others
  from being victims.


Campus Safety & Security at Johns Hopkins University Emergency number: 410-516-7777