A real, T-periodic signalx(t)can be represented by a Fourier series


where is the fundamental frequency and each is nonnegative (by adding p to if necessary).


This expression also can be written as the real part of a phasor sum



For a gentle introduction to this topic, visit the lecture Harmonic Phasors and Fourier Series.


Since projection on the real (horizontal) axis is inconvenient for portrayal, we rotate each phasor byp/2radians and project on the vertical axis. This makes use of the mathematical relationship



In the applet there are four options for displaying a Fourier series with up to 25 terms:

        select from the provided signals,

        sketch one period of a signal,

        construct a phasor sum by successively clicking on the complex plane,

        enter data (the , magnitude and angle) in a data table.

Amplitude units are marked on the complex plane, and the angles are in degrees.



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Applet by Hsi Chen Lee.