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Current Graduate Students

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Former Graduate Students
Thus far, twenty eight graduate students have earned their PhD degrees from my group. Presently, seven are faculty members in universities, nine are in industrial section, five are in government, and three are post-docs. Also, among these, sixteen are US citizens, and seven are women. I am happy to report that all of them have the kind of job they wanted. There follows a list of my former graduate students, the year of their PhD with me, and their present positions:

Jim Coe, '86, Professor (Chem.), Ohio State University

Joe Snodgrass, '86, Scientific Fellow, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Carl Freidhoff, '87, Senior Advisory Engineer, Northrop-Grumman Corporation

Kevin McHugh, '88, Senior Advisory Scientist, Lockheed-Martin. (Kevin won a DOE, "R&D 100 Award", for technological innovation in alloy solidification in '98.)

Gang Ho Lee, '90, Professor (Chem.), Kyungpook National University, Korea

Joe Eaton, '92, Assistant Professor (Chem.), St. Francis College

Susan Arnold, '93, Deputy Division Chief, Air Force Research Laboratory,

Harry Sarkas, '94, Senior Process Scientist, Nanophase Technologies, Corp.

Linda Kidder, '94, Senior Scientist, Malvern Instruments

Jay Hendricks, '96, Staff Research Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Helen de Clercq, '97, Associate Professor (Chem.), Howard University

Chuck Fancher, '97, Senior Scientist, JHU Applied Physcs Lab

Tim Lippa, '98, Senior Scientist, JHU Applied Physics Lab

Svetlana Lyapustina, '99, Science Advisor, Gardner, Carton & Douglas, LLC

Owen Thomas, '01, U of Maryland Medical School

Shoujun Xu, '02, Associate Professor, University of Houston

Mike Nilles, '03, Senior Scientist I, Excet Inc.

Weijun Zheng, '04, Assistant Professor, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dunja Radisic, '05, IMEC (Belgium)

Sarah Stokes, '07, Senior Scientist, Excet Inc.

Soren Eustis, '09, Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry, Bowdoin College

Andrej Grubisic, '09, Postdoctoral Associate, University of Colorado

Xiang Li, '09, Research Associate, University of Maryland at Baltimore Country (CRESST program serving NASA)

Yeon Jae Ko, '11, Postdoctoral Associate, The Rowland Institute at Harvard.

Di Wang, '11, Postdoctoral Associate, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute.

Haopeng Wang , '12, Postdoctoral Associate, Georgetown University.

Jing Chen , '12

Angela Buonaugurio, '14, Excet Inc.

Allyson Buytendyk, '15,The Institute for Defense Analysis.

Jacob Graham, '15, Postdoctoral Associate, University of Chicago

Xinxing Zhang, '15, Postdoctoral Associate, Caltech

Yi Wang, '15

Xin Tang, '16, Postdoctoral Associate, Northwestern Univ.

Sara Marquez, '18

Evan Collins, '19 Process Engineer, Intel

Zachary Hicks, '19 Process Engineer, Intel

Gaoxiang Liu, '20, Postdoctoral Associate, UC Berkeley

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Former Undergraduate Researchers
Several Hopkins undergraduates who did research with us went on to pursue their doctorates in chemistry or physics at The Univ. of California at Berkeley, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Univ. of Illinois, Johns Hopkins Univ., MIT, Syracuse, or Cal Tech.

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