A Sunrise over the Annapurna mountains in Nepal
I'm a Moore Postdoctoral Fellow in Astronomy at UC Santa Cruz.  My research measures the expansion of the universe with a special type of cosmic explosion called a Type Ia supernova.  Our goal is to determine the nature of dark energy, the mysterious force causing the acceleration of the universe.

I've also done a little work on magnetic fields in low-mass stars and the distribution of dust - a star formation catalyst and poorly understood complication in astronomical research - in our galaxy.  For a more complete description of my work and links to all my papers, please visit my research and CV pages.   A couple blog posts I've written about my research and press releases for three of my papers are linked at the lower right.

In my free time I enjoy music and the outdoors - my photo page has a few highlights.

The Horsehead Nebula, an image I took with the Perkins Telescope in Flagstaff, AZ