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As of May 2017, I am a fourth-year graduate student in the Cognitive Science department at Johns Hopkins. I studied math for a while until I realized I was more interested in the domains I was modeling than in the tools for modeling them.

Research Interests

Context in semantics: I'm interested in formal models of what linguists have called "context" and its role in natural language interpretation. Currently, I am working on the context-dependence of modals and counterfactual conditionals.

Computational linguistics: I'm also generally interested in tools for creating and evaluating linguistic hypotheses on large and/or naturalistic data sources. I'm working with others in the Cognitive and Computer Science departments on a method for quickly annotating semantic properties of predicate arguments.


2013 to present:
Ph.D., Cognitive science at Johns Hopkins University
2013 to 2015:
M.A., Cognitive science at Johns Hopkins University
Advisors: Kyle Rawlins, Benjamin Van Durme

2010 to 2013:
B.S., Predoctoral mathematics at University of Evansville
summa cum laude
Minors: Cognitive science, computer science
Advisors: Erin Davis, Tony Beavers

CV: [pdf]


Email: lastname at cogsci dot jhu dot edu


Dee Ann Reisinger
Dept. of Cognitive Science
Johns Hopkins University
Krieger Hall, room 239
3400 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD  21218
Last updated: 16 May 2018