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The Integrated Imaging Center (IIC) was originally established as the Advanced Microscopy Facility (AMF) and devoted

exclusively to LM techniques; it was initially directed by Dr. William Busa; and later by Dr. Michael Edidin. In 1998, the AMF was incorporated into a newly created EM Facility to form the present IIC. The IIC currently serves more than 150 laboratories with >600 users in the greater Baltimore area.

The Center is directed by J. Michael McCaffery, a Research Professor in Biology, who has 30+ years of experience in applying LM/EM to diverse biomedical research questions and is a leading expert in the use and application of immunocytochemistry; wide-field fluorescence, confocal, and multiphoton microscopy.

Erin Pryce is the IIC's Manager. A recent graduate of Ithaca College, Erin is an expert in all aspects of fluorescence LM, including confocal, deconvolution, FRET/FRAP/FCS. She is FACS Facility supervisor as well; and has considerable experience in transmission electron microscopy.

Ms. Hanhvy Bui is the manager of our IIC Homewood Flow Cytometry Resource (HFCR). A recent graduate of Washington College, Bethany is also very knowledgeable and capable in all LM and EM techniques.

Ken Livi is the manager of our High Resolution Electron Microbeam Facility in Olin Hall. Ken has 25+ years of experience in all high resolution EM applications including microbeam; EDS; and EELS.

Additionally, the Center is fortunate to have Little Miss Sookie Stackhouse McCaffery and Ms Lilly Langtry Wendland available as consultants for those particularly difficult imaging/microscopy problems. Sookie is a recent graduate of the well respected Mountain Park University in Kansas; and Lillie attended Baldwin State University in Maryland.




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