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The Integrated Imaging Center (IIC) is a Homewood-campus core facility located variously in Croft, Dunning, Levi, Mudd, and Olin Halls (see #s 8, 11, 12 ,18,and 27 circled in yellow on map below), and serves the diverse academic and research interests of the students and faculty in the Whiting School of Engineering and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, as well as the Hopkins-wide community. Our Center comprises flow cytometry and cell sorting; fluorescence/light microscopy; and electron microscopy, including conventional, analytical, and cryogenic TEM. The IIC emphasizes the complementary use of these tools for the purpose of investigating cellular/subcellular structure and function, nanobiotechnology, and materials and engineering. The Center is housed in ~5000 sq.ft. suite of rooms; and is readily available to all interested University and non-University users. Additionally, our substantial computer resources are easily accessed by authorized users (campus wide and elsewhere) via the Internet. Reserved parking (#70 in green below) is provided. Directions to the Center are provided below.


From I.S. 83 north or south take the 28th Street exit and go east; proceed to Reminington Ave. and turn left. Go north to the second stop light and turn right onto Wyman Park; go through one stop light to the stop sign at San Martin Dr./Wyman Park junction; and turn left onto San Martin; follow this by Olin Hall on your left, through a couple of lazy 'S' turns; pass under the foot bridge that crosses San Martin drive; and turn right into the Westgate Entrance to Hopkins. Proceed to and through the next stop sign; drive directly towards the building facing you (Levi Building); veer slightly left and park in any one of three spaces labeled 'IIC Visitors'. Place parking pass on your driver's side dashboard; walk southwest and up the steep staircase next to the New Chemistry Building (#10); and at the top veer southeast towards Dunning Hall (#18). Enter Dunning, turn right, and ring the door bell on the east wall next to the IIC entrance. If no one appears to let you in within a couple of minutes, please call 410-516-8042 or 410-516-3321.


Johns Hopkins University • Integrated Imaging Center • 3400 N. Charles Street • Dunning Hall • Baltimore, MD 21218 • Phones • Office: (410) 516-3321 • Laboratory: (410) 516-8042 • FAX: (410) 516-5213