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Johns Hopkins University • Integrated Imaging Center • 3400 N. Charles Street • Dunning Hall • Baltimore, MD 21218 • Phones • Office: (410) 516-3321 • Laboratory: (410) 516-8042 • FAX: (410) 516-5213

Johns Hopkins University has recently established a comprehensive cryoTEM capability that comprises a joint effort by the JHMI in East Baltimore and the north Baltimore Homewood campus. The new Beckman Center for cryoEM is located in the Rangos Building in East Baltimore and houses a new G3 Titan Krios; while the Integrated Imaging Center on Homewood hosts a  Talos S200C.

The Beckman Center for Cryo-EM at Johns Hopkins was established to provide cutting edge cryo-EM to the Johns Hopkins and regional communities. The heart of the center is the G3 Titan Krios® equipped with a phase plate and K3® Gatan direct detector. The center also maintains various support equipment such as a FEI Vitrobot® Mark IV and Pelco easiGlow®. Modern facilities, such as this one when fully completed, are capable of producing thousands of high resolution cryo-EM images or scores of tomogram tilt series per day. These images allow the determination of high resolution cellular component structures, up to ~2Å.Technical assistance is provided upon request. Training is available for all levels of user experience on an as needed basis.

The Beckman Center was made possible through the generous grant of the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, The Johns Hopkins University, and private donors. Operations support is provided through user's-fees and the Johns Hopkins University. In addition to the physical instrumentation, the Beckman Center funding plan includes support for a technical operations director and a cryo-EM faculty member. For all inquiries please contact the operations director:

Dr. Duncan Sousa, Ph.D. email:     <dsousa1@jhmi.edu>     phone:    (410) 614-1335

The Integrated Imaging Center has an FEI F200C Talos 200keV FEG transmission electron microscope (TEM) equipped with two 4K CMOS cameras, a Falcon 2 direct electron detecting camera; and a Ceta scintillated 4K CMOS camera.  

The FEI Talos™ transmission electron microscope was acquired via an NIH S10 grant in 2015. It is a very versatile system on which one can carryout the most routine, conventional TEM imaging; as well as the most advanced cryoTEM, 3D single particle reconstruction. It is ideal for routiine characterization of biological and nanobiomaterial samples for cell biology, structural biology, and nanobiotechnology research.

The Talos is also quite capable of high resolution imaging of materials; as well as electron diffraction. It is equipped with FEI's unique  constant-power, C-TWIN lens which ensures excellent optical performance with a perfect balance of contrast and resolution coupled with high tilt angles of +/- 85°.

It is housed in room 45 of the LEVI Building, part of the Mudd Hall complex; and is complemented by an FEI Vitrobot, a vitrification robot; and a Gatan 655 pumping station with two Gatan 626/70° cryo-transfer holders.

Training for the Talos can be arranged by contacting IIC Director, Michael McCaffery at <jmccaffery@jhu.edu>; or calling (410) 516-3321. As a general rule, a user will have first been trained on the Tecnai 12 G2 Spirit 120keV TEM located in Dunning Hall prior to using the Talos,