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IIC at Croft Hall

The Integrated Imaging Center (IIC) at Croft Hall was established in 2015 as a satellite of the greater IIC located in Dunning Hall. It is an 800 sq. ft. suite that is supervised by Ms. Hanvy Bui <hanhvy.bui@jhu.edu>, the HFCR manager; and intended to better serve the needs of the INBT and the greater WSE community.

It presently houses:


                    • a Zeiss LSM 780 confocal microscope equipped with PECON cage incubator; and PicoQuant FLIM system;

                    • a Zeiss LSM 800 confocal microscope equipped with AiryScan super-resolution module.

                    • a Zeiss Axiovert 100  widefield fluorescence microscope equipped with a CoolSnap-cf and an iPentamax

                      512 digital monochrome cameras;                                                                                                   

                    • a BD FACSCanto high-throughput flow cytometer equipped with 488nm and 633nm lasers;

                    • a BD FACSCalibur flow cytometer equipped with 488nm and 633nm lasers

                    • a Sony Biotechnology SH-800 'chip' cell sorter, equipped with 405nm, 488nm, and 638nm lasers.


The IIC at Croft is located in Room 281 Croft, in the Institute for NanoBioTechnology (INBT), just behind Shafer Hall.

Contact info:

                     Hanhvy Bui                    email: <hanhvy.bui@jhu.edu>; phone: (410) 516-6145

                     Erin Pryce                      email: <epryce.jhu.edu>; phone: (410) 516-8042

                     Michael  McCaffery        email: <jmccaffery@jhu.edu>; phone: (410) 516-3321  


Johns Hopkins University • Integrated Imaging Center • 3400 N. Charles Street • Dunning Hall • Baltimore, MD 21218 • Phones • Office: (410) 516-3321 • Laboratory: (410) 516-8042 • FAX: (410) 516-5213