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JohnCon 2018

Friday April 6th at 5pm - Sunday April 8th at 5pm

JohnCon is an annual gaming convention held in Levering Hall on the Johns Hopkins University campus in Baltimore, Maryland. Hosted by the University's science-fiction / fantasy club, JohnCon takes over the entirety of Levering Hall for the weekend and runs for 48 hours straight.

We will have board games, video games, tournaments, Super Smash Bros., Warhammer 40k, Pokemon speed runs, role playing games, laser tag, vendors, panels presented by special guests, and more!

We feel that our attendees should be free to decide how much they are willing to contribute for registration, so while the recommended donation is $10, you may pay as much or as little as you wish. Of course, every dollar you choose to donate will be spent on making future JohnCon events more interesting and enjoyable.

The con runs continuously throughout the weekend.

First Floor Map Second Floor Map

We look forward to seeing you in the spring!

JOHNCON 2018. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 21218