Nikita Ivkin

260 Malone Hall, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland 21218 ยท

I am a 4th year Ph.D. student at the Department of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University, working with Prof. Vladimir Braverman. My primary interest focuses on streaming algorithms and its applications, starting from theoretical foundations behind the time and space complexity guarantees ending with hardware specific optimizations in real-world applications.


Scalable streaming tools for analyzing N-body simulations: Finding halos and investigating excursion sets in one pass

Ivkin*, Liu, Yang, Kumar, Lemson, Neyrinck, Szalay, Braverman, Budavari

Astronomy and computing 2018

BPTree: An L2 Heavy Hitters Algorithm Using Constant Memory

Braverman, Chestnut, Ivkin*, Nelson, Wang, Woodruff

PODS 2017

Beating CountSketch for heavy hitters in insertion streams

Braverman, Chestnut, Ivkin*, Woodruff

STOC 2016

Streaming algorithms for halo finders

Liu , Ivkin*, Yang, Neyrinck, Lemson, Szalay, Braverman, Budavari, Burns, Wang

eScience 2015


EN.601.633 - Intro Algorithms

Teaching assistant
spring 2018

EN.601.634 Randomized and Big Data Algorithms

Teaching assistant
fall 2017

EN.601.633 - Intro Algorithms

Teaching assistant
spring 2016