About Me

I am a postdoc in Barbara Landau's Language and Cognition Lab in the Cognitive Science department at Johns Hopkins. My current research explores the relationship between spatial cognition, social skills, and early vocabulary development in typically-developing toddlers and children with Williams Syndrome.

My doctoral research in Linguistics at the University of Maryland involved the interfaces between syntax, semantics, and pragmatics in adult real-time sentence comprehension and child language acquisition. I studied a variety of linguistic phenomena, including pronouns, wh-questions, belief reports, and scalar implicature.

Before arriving at Maryland, I got my B.A. in cognitive science from Yale, and spent two years at the University of Washington Autism Center, working first as a therapy assistant for the Early STAART Intervention study, then as a research assistant for Mike Murias' Cortical Connectivity study in the EEG lab.

When I'm not being a psycholinguist, I cook, walk my dog, run, practice yoga, sew, and make ceramics.