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The Hydroclimate Research Group



The overarching purpose of our research group is to advance understanding of hydroclimate dynamics and of the manner in which hydroclimatic processes interact with ecological and human systems. In the process, we aim to develop tools for improved monitoring and prediction of regional atmospheric processes, landscape hydrology, and, in collaboration with many wonderful colleagues, coupled climate / environment / human systems relevant to human health, food and water security, and preservation of biodiversity.

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group photo

Hydroclimate research group, February 2015: Alexi Russell*, Asha Jordan, Debjani Ghatak, Amin Dezfuli, Jose Molina, Tiffany Smith, Anna Scott*, Saleh Satti, Hamada Badr, Fritz Policelli, Ben Zaitchik, Jasmin Gonzalez*. Not pictured: Fisseha Berhane
*Part-time group member who can deny her association when it is convenient to do so.