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There have been updates to the breakdown of the thesis committee meetings! Check them out here!

Check out the links on the left side of this page.

We now have a list of pre-approved electives as well as a new site for our career seminar series.

In addition, check out the Navigating Your Graduate Career section. By clicking on your year, you can find that important information you need regarding such events as the GBO or Thesis Planning Meeting without having to search through the handbook.

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About Us:

Who are we?

Brett Scipioni ( - 7th year rep
Amanda Reider ( 6th year rep
Tara LeGates ( - 5th year rep
Stephanie Ketcham- 4th year rep
Maria Kaltcheva (
4th year rep
Anna Talaga ( 3rd year rep
Michelle Rozo-
3rd year rep
Kirstie Keller ( 2nd year rep

Former Members:
Megan Mayerle
Alex Ebie

Jill Weyers
Anna Krueger Allen
Aaron Stephan
Jenn Barrila
Sarah Barker
Jon Shaw
Alice Chen
Cecilia Mello

Current Projects:

  • Running the Student Career Seminar Series
  • Working with faculty to improve graduate education
  • Establishing more teaching opportunities for graduate students and post-docs (also adds to our class options!)
  • Trying to improve departmental food (ie speaker lunches and seminar)
  • Helping to organize and obtain feedback for progress reports 
  • Assisting in the recruitment and orienting of new students

What have we done for you already?
  • Department poster printer
  • Established the annual Mudd Hall Art contest to get some new artwork hanging in our dreary building
  • Career Help Website -
  • Hosted a career help session by the career center (will redo every 2 years)
  • Hooding Ceremony - to honor new graduates
  • Hopkins BioLog - as a way to improve communication in the department
  • The Writing Class - now offered in both semesters for credit
  • Evaluation forms at progress reports for better feedback
  • Recording system for progress reports to allow speakers to evaluate themselves
  • Website with advice/tips for graduate student issues -

Keep up with what we're doing for you...

Stay connected with our facebook page: CMDB@JohnsHopkins

Minutes from our meetings are posted below. If you have questions or want a more detailed explanation of what we're working on, just ask us! Or you can email us at

Please bear with us as we are uploading the minutes in a new format.

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