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I obtained my doctoral degree in applied mathematics from the Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computing (AMSC) program (ranked 13th in the U.S.) in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Maryland in May of 2016, under the guidance of the Distinguished University Professor, Dr. Eitan Tadmor (his wikipedia page). My doctoral thesis analyzes the usage of a Hierarchical Reconstruction method on solving a series of ill-posed problems:

Since July of 2016, I have been working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics at the Johns Hopkins University. I am working with Dr. Mauro Maggioni (Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics) on two projects:

Research Interests

I'm interested in a wide range of topics related to Inverse Problems, Modeling and Simulation, Numerical Analysis, Computational Statistical Inference, Machine/Statistical Learning, Data Science, etc.:

A copy of my detailed CV can be found here.